Wayne Spice AKA (Andrew Newland )was born at the Kingston Jubilee hospital on April, 18, 1979… He is one of 8 kids. At the age of 9  Wayne Spice herd  Michael Jackson singing who’s loving you on the radio and  from that moment he fell right in love with music….. about a year after his uncle made up a sound system called iron plate,

It was the only sound system in the community at the time… He would get set up like every weekend to play all kinds of music. Most of the people in the community would come around to enjoy the vibe. close to the end of the night he would put wayne Spice on the spot by placing the microphone in his hand and say sing.

He was a bit nervous at first but once he started singing the response from the crowd was overwhelming he just kept on going ….. At that time he was force to be spontaneous and make songs up on the spot.. He knew from that moment that this is what he wanted to  do…. He started to work more on his craft as far as his writing , his delivery and his ability to stay on the beat .

He started going out to the dancehall with friends where they would arrange for him to sing and he would jump at the opportunity…. Wayne Spice performed on his first talent show which he won, then he started to hangout at the Penthouse studio and Black Scorpio studio where I got my first break to do a dubplate for a sound system call soul signal. He went on to perform on a few more shows …

He later met a friend Alrick Taylor AKA (Ventura )that had the same interest in music as he does, so they both decided to start their own record label call 56 productions….  they made up a studio so they could do more creative work ,which was a great move then because it was really hard at the time for any young and upcoming artist to get into a studio to do anything….

He became great with pro tools and making beats so that was a plus… Wayne Spice started recording songs like drop that booty down,  tell me why,  use a condom , heaven knows, love you just the way you are, thinking out loud and many more…

He is very passionate and he will stop at nothing. Wayne Spice first album (Paris Of Love ) is available on ITunes and all music outlets. He’s presently working on his second album so stay tune for that.